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Siled ti Kararag is back!

“Siled ti Kararag,” the Ilokano edition of The Upper Room daily devotional guide will once again inspire and enrich the spiritual lives of its readers starting on its January-February 2011 issue. This bi-monthly devotional folded in March 2006 along with the Cebuano edition. The English and Ilokano editions of The Upper Room daily devotional guide [...]


by Erwin dela Rosa “And unto God the Lord belong the issues of death.” This is the gist of John Donne’s Death’s Duel, a sermon he delivered himself, a member of the clergy, a lawyer, and a writer/poet during England’s Jacobean Period. As if by fate, John Donne died a few weeks after delivering this [...]


by Erwin dela Rosa While I was driving to school a couple of Monday mornings ago, I pondered: “Is there life after death?” Or, “Is there an afterlife?” I thought such because I had been assigned to give the reflection during the wake that we were going to have in the afternoon. It was for [...]

Finding the ‘We,’ ‘Our,’ and ‘Us’ with Jesus (1)

Holy Week Reflections – from Lent to Easter: An Overview by Earl Canlas Part 1 of 3: Patterned in Prayer The whole series is a prayer beginning with “O, Spirit of God, Give Us Faith….” leading up to “O, Spirit of God, Give Us Life….” The titles of the novena reflections (nine biblical meditations) are [...]