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Leaders are Getting Harder to Find

by Danny A. Hernaez Greetings! I visited with a friend over dinner the other night. He is an attorney. A really good one. He works for a prestigious firm and does some of their most important work for its biggest clients. He was talking about leadership. “Law schools are producing some sharp graduates these days [...]

There is Time

by Danny A. Hernaez Greetings! Because of several deadlines I have set for myself I am finding myself feeling rushed, a bit overwhelmed by all that has to be done, pressured, even talking to myself. One of the things I could be heard saying is, “There is not enough time to get everything done that [...]

Man Does not Live on Bread Alone

by Danny A. Hernaez Greetings! “‘… Man does not live on bread alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of God.’” (Matthew 4:4) Is it really that important to have a quiet time with the Lord everyday? I mean the Lord knows how busy my life is, so if I just toss [...]

Do not Forget

by Danny A. Hernaez Greetings! The key to wisdom is locked up in your memory. This living wisdom, not your achievements or net worth, becomes your legacy – your gift to the next generation. These collected memories make you a living testimony, or a dying breed. Whether you realize it or not, our memories are [...]

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May Pag-asa Pa Radio Ministry

Tune in to DWWD 1134 KHZ AM radio every Wednesday, 7-8 PM for the "May Pag-asa Pa" Radio Ministry of Ptr. Fernando Jose, Ptr. Ferdinand Jose and Ptr. Ednor San Juan.
They can also be heard via livestreaming at www.afpradio.ph.

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