Tangos United Methodist Church
M. Naval cor. S. Antonio Streets, Tangos, Navotas City
OFFICIAL STATEMENT: TUMC Main Sanctuary on Ground Zero

A big fire gutted the main sanctuary of Tangos United Methodist Church in Navotas City, leaving the burned concrete walls still standing and authorities declaring an estimated twelve million pesos damage on the building alone. The fire, which started at around 8:45 a.m., Monday, August 03, was finally controlled about one and a half hours later and was declared “fire-out” before 12 o’clock noon.

Initial investigation by the Navotas City Fire Department marshals revealed that overloading of electrical conduits on the ceiling located near the curtained entrance to the right wing area gave way to a spark which started the fire. The fire spread unexpectedly, when the ceiling from where the spark started, fell down and thick smoke engulfed the place right after. Furthermore, help from the city fire department came a bit late.

The TUMC Conference Hall on the left side, the Christian Education Office and the choir loft on the right side were included among the damaged areas. However, the Multi-Purpose Building which houses the church workers and their offices, the three-storey Marvin A. Rader School (MARSI) Building, the Florentina dela Cruz-Pascual Memorial Chapel (Junior Church), the UMW Hall, the newly-constructed community library and the temple keeper’s house were all spared.

Only a few things from the damaged places like the piano and drum set were saved. Some members who came to the rescue could not go back inside to save other things due to the thick smoke.

Still, with the Lord’s blanket of protection, there was no casualty and nobody was hurt either.

Before the unfortunate incident happened, the TUMC Administrative Council, through its Board of Trustees, had already taken steps to solve the frequent and sudden loss of power in the main sanctuary.

Meralco and representatives from the City Engineer’s office had conducted an ocular inspection, studied the situation and approved the application for a bigger power supply needed in the area. A certain amount from the church funds was set aside for the initial solution to the problem.

Unfortunately, the blaze happened too much too soon. And sadly, the edifice might be recommended for condemnation.

All that can be seen by the naked eyes inside our beloved church were gone but the unseen spirits being moved by faith, courage, strength, unity and love are still here. Maybe this happened because HE has other remarkable plans for those whose lives have been related to TUMC even long before it happened and for those who will be touched by what happened.

A concerned friend from Mindanao sent an inspiring message on the incident. She said, “GOD will never leave you empty. HE will always replace whatever you have lost. If HE asks you to put something down, it’s because HE wants you to pick up something better.”

As we face this great challenge of rebuilding our place of worship in this little corner of the world, with faith we believe, GOD will continuously pour HIS blessings upon us.

Statement sent via email by Mr. Sonny Feliciano, Chair of Tangos UMC Council.

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