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[25 Mar 2010 | 0 | 55 views]
Interaction in the Net

I am reminded of this finger game we used to play in Sunday School:
This is the church, and this is the steeple. Open it up, and see many people!
Many people. Diverse. United in one place: Church. Isn’t the World Wide Web also our parish?
How can we bring church interaction from the physical level to the Internet?
Prayer requests can be submitted to the website, and passed on to prayer warriors. Who doesn’t want prayers said for them?
Weekly announcements can be posted to the site, like birthdays, anniversaries, births, and deaths. Members …

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[11 Mar 2010 | 0 | 75 views]
Techlesia: An Introduction

by Lynn Basan

We’ve been trying to start this column forever, an in-the-here-and-now discourse of technology partnering with the church (technology + ecclesia – get it?). Technology is fun; it opens up new avenues of thinking, new ways of doing things, it creates more room for challenges. It forces you to be nimble and open-minded.
And yet I am constantly reminded of the limitations we face. These limitations are, in fact, more cultural than technical although some people will argue the point until they are red in the face.
It can get really …