Article 1. There shall be fifteen (15) trustees for the Philippines Central Conference Board of Trustees. Membership to the Board shall be nominated by each Annual Conference, but no more than three shall be recommended by the overall Annual Conference delegations from each Episcopal Area for election by the Central Conference. Such nominations shall be rotated among the annual conferences of the respective Episcopal Areas. One youth, a woman, and a lawyer of good Methodist and legal standing shall be nominated on the floor and elected by the Central Conference. In addition, there shall be one incumbent bishop, and the elected Central Conference secretary and treasurer shall sit on the Board.

Article 2. The trustees shall meet immediately upon their election by the Central Conference to elect a chairperson, a vice-chairperson to complete the officers of the Board. The elected Central Conference secretary and treasurer shall respectively be the secretary and treasurer of the Board.

Taken from Section VIII of the Discipline of Central Conference Administration, 2008 Handbook for Delegates, United Methodist Church Philippines Central Conference.

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