Article 1. The purpose of the Central Conference Board of Laity shall be to deepen the spiritual life of the lay members of the Church and to cultivate among them an increasing loyalty and interest that they may become an active working force in the local church and in the community.

Article 2. The Board Members are to be elected quadrennially by the Central Conference. Membership to the Board shall be nominated by each annual conference, but no more than four shall be recommended by the overall annual conference delegations from each Episcopal Area for election by the Central Conference. Such nominatinos shall be rotated among the annual conferences of the respective Episcopal Areas. In addition, there shal be one incumbent bishop, the area finance officer of the World Division of the General Board of Global Ministries, and the presidents of the national UMWSCS, UMM, UMYAF, and UMYF to sit on the board. Each Annual Conference shall be entitled to nominate one alternate member who shall be elected in the manner herein provided.

Article 3. The Board shall be organized upon the call of the College of Bishops, by the election of a president, a vice-president, a recording secretary. The treasurer of the Central Conference shall act as treasurer of the Board.

Article 4. The Board may, upon nomination of the executive committee, employ such personnel as may be needed for the work of the Board. The Board shall have the authority to fill vacancies ad interim.

Article 5. The Boards shall meet annually and at such time as may be necessary. The Board shall submit to the Council of Finance and Administration a budget for its operation during the quadrennium.

Article 6. The Board shall promote the programs of lay activities and devise ways and means to activate, encourage, assist and guide the Annual Conference promotion of Christian stewardship in the Church as provided in the Book of Discipline of the United Methodist Church, and to provide direction and suppport to the programs of the UMM and to work of lay leaders on the Annual, District, and local church levels.

Article 7. The Board shall initiate plans, develop literature, and perfect its organization to be utilized effectively in the work of the Church and in the development of Christian character teh vital doctire of Christan stewardship.

Article 8. To further the work of lay activities, one Sunday each year shall be designated as Lay Sunday, the program and service to be under the Administrative Board of the Local Church. The official date of Lay Sunday shall be set by the Board which it shall transmit to the bishops of each area at least three months in advance so that every local church in each area can make preparations for the day. There shall be a special collection during the worship service for the work of the Board which amount shall be remitted through proper channels to the treasurer of the Central Conference. The treasurer shall credit funds received for the account of the Board.

Article 9. The Board shall give special consideration to men’s work, correlating it with the total program of lay activities. The National United Methodist Men, the Conference Methodist Men, the District Methodist men and the Methodist Men in the local church shall be auxiliary boards to the board.

Article 10. The Board shall include in its quadrennial report to the Central Conference the annual reports of the Annual Conference lay leaders and the national president of the Methodist Men.

Taken from Section VI of the Discipline of Central Conference Administration, 2008 Handbook for Delegates, United Methodist Church Philippines Central Conference.

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