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Board of Christian Education and Communications

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Article 1. There shall be a Central Conference Board of Christian Education and Communications whose members are to be elected quadrennially by the Central Conference to promote the institutional and local church programs of Christian Education and Church-School extension and the use of Churrch School literature, disseminate religious knowledge and useful Christian literature and materials and provide and supervise national scholarship and study grants.

Article 2. The Board shall be auxiliary to the Division of Education of the General Board of Discipleship and shall cooperate with it in advancing the interest of educational institutions and of the entire program on Christian education in the local church.

Article 3. Membership to the Board shall be nominated by each annual conference, but no more than four shall be recommended by the overall annual conference delegations from each Episcopal area for election by the Central Conference. Such nominations shall be rotated among the annual conference of the respective Episcopal areas. In addition, there shall be one incumbent bishop, the Area Finance Officer of the World Division of the General Board of Global Ministries, and the presidents of the national UMWSCS, UMM, UMYAF and UMYF to sit on the board. Each annual conference shall be entitled to nominate one alternate member who shall be elected in the manner herein provided. Care should be taken that only one person who is qualified for the work of the Board by reason of experience, training and interest in the objectives and strategies of the Board should be nominated. In case the elective members of the Board are not re-elected to, or are retired from, their national positions, they automatically vacate their membership in the board without any further action and their duly elected successors shall be qualified for membership in the Board.

Article 4. The organization of the Board shall be effective soon after the adjournment of the Central Conference but in no case beyond 30 days after said adjournment. The College of Bishops shall convene the members of the new Board for organization, provided ample notice shall be given to all members to enable them to be present. The officers of the Board shall be a chairperson, a vice-chairperson, a recording secretary. They shall be elected quadrennially. The treasurer of the Central Conference shall be the treasurer of the Board.

Article 5. There shall be an executive committee of the Board composed of the officers and one incumbent bishop. the chairperson of the Board shall be the chairperson of the executive committee. The executive committee shall meet on call of teh chairperson or one-half of its members and shall transact the business of the Board ad interim under such regulations as the Boards may adopt. The executive committee shall report its action to the Board during its annual meeting. The executive committee shall prepare and recommend to the Board a budget for the operation of the Board for the quadrennium.

Article 6. The principal strategies to implement the objectives of the Board are to foster among the members of the Church, in cooperation with the Annual Conference and the pastors of the local churches, a knowledge and understanding of the Christian faith and readiness to witness the gospel in every area of life, as well as the preservation of our Christian beliefs and Methodist heritage.

Article 7. The Board shall also perform the following functions:

a. To administer any and all funds, gifts, bequests which have been or may be committed to the board and, subject to existing church laws and regulations, to solicit or create special funds for its projects. The purpose for which the funds are given and accepted shall be strictly observed.

b. To seek ways and means of promoting the attendance of children, youth, young adults and families in the church school and inform the local churches in all phases of church school work.

c. To provide guidance for local churches in organizing church schools and to produce indigenous curriculum resources for their use.

d. To initiate programs for recruitment of teachers for church schools and volunteer workers for Christian service.

e. To develop contextual study materials for church institutes, retreats and for types of camping.

f. To disseminate religious knowledge and useful Christian literature as well as church school materials.

g. To develop an awareness upon our members and groups of the objectives and strategies of the Board through education, communication, publication and cultivation.

h. To study other means of effectuating the objectives and purposes of the Board and submit to the Central Conference or to the Coordinating Council as the case may be.

i. To screen and recommend to the Coordinating Council for approval applications of scholarship and study grants. Not within the jurisdiction of the Board are scholarships and grants handled by the Annual Conference and agencies organized by special agreements and trust funds.

Article 8. The Board shall submit to the Central Conference or to the Coordinating Council for approval the stipulations to be included in all contracts between the students and the Board as well as the procedure governing applications for national scholarships and study grants.

Article 9. The different Annual Conference Methodist Youth Fellowship and the different Annual Conference Methodist Young Adult Fellowship as well as the National Associations of Youth and Young Adults of the Church shall be auxiliarty bodies to the Board.

Article 10. At least ten percent of the net income from the operation of the Book Room, Inc. and the other publishing activities of the Board shall be remitted to the Central Conference treasurer to be used for the benefit of the Central Conference claimants.

Article 11. The Board may employ such persons as necessary to effectuate the policies and objectives of the Board upon such terms and conditions of employment prevailing in the national headquarters of the Central Conference.

Article 12. The Board shall be the nominating body of the members of the Board of Trustees of educational institutions connected with or related to the church, or the members of the Board of Trustees of agencies connected with or related to the Board.

Article 13. The Board shall recommend to the Council of Finance and Administration its operating budget for the ensuing quadrennium.

Taken from Section IV of the Discipline of Central Conference Administration, 2008 Handbook for Delegates, United Methodist Church – Philippines Central Conference.

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