Article 1. The aim of evangelism is to bring all men into living fellowship with God through Jesus Christ as Divine Savior and through the regenerating power of the Holy Spirit, to gather them into the fellowship of the Church, and to express their Christian discipleship in every area in human life that the Kingdom of God may be realized. The function of missions is to discern those place where the Word has not been heard or heeded and to witness to its meaning. Once congregations are started, the members must be made aware of the meaning, purpose and practice of worship. With the functions of ecumenical affairs, human relations, peace and order and economic advancement playing an important role.

Article 2. There shall be a Central Conference Board of Discipleship whose members are to be elected quadrennially by the Central Conference. The membership to the Board shall be nominated by each annual conference, but no more than four shall be recommended by the overall annual conference delegations from each Episcopal area for election by the Central Conference. Such nominations shall be rotated among the annual conferences of the respective Episcopal areas. In addition, there shall be one incumbent bishop, the area finance officer of teh World Division of the General Board of Global Ministries, and the presidents of the national UMWSCS, UMM, UMYAF, UMYF to sit on the board. Each Annual Conference shall be entitled to nominate one alternate member who shall be elected in the manner herein provided.

Article 3. The Organization of the Board shall be elected soon after the adjournment of the Central Conference. The Chairperson of the Board shall be selected by the incumbent bishops and shall serve for the quadrennium. The Board shall elect from its membership a vice-chairperson and a recording secretary. The Central Conference Treasurer shall be the treasurer of the Board.

Article 4. There shall be an executive committee composed of the officers of the Board and two members to be elected by the Board from among its members. The chairperson of the Board shall be the chairperson of the executive committee.

Article 5. The Board may, upon nomination of the executive committee, employ such personnel as may be needed for the work of the Board.

Article 6. The Board shall meet annually and at such other meetings, upon the call of the chairperson or one-half of the executive committee upon proper notice. The executive committee shall report its actions to the Board.

Article 7. The Board shall perform the following function:

a. To give particular emphasis to the development and promotion of full, well-rounded and practical programs of evangelism at the Annual Conference level so that persons without church affiliation will be included within the responsibility of some local church. To this end, it shall give guidance and assistance to the Annual Conference Boards of Evangelism.

b. To provide guidance to the Church in using the appropriate days and seasons of the Christian calendar for special evangelistic emphasis.

c. To set standards for Annual and District Conference evangelism and make those standards known to the Church at large through the presiding bishop of each Annual Conference.

d. To cooperate with the various agencies of the church in the training of ministers and deaconesses for leadership in the field of missions and evangelism and to promote these causes in the areas of our jurisdiction.

e. To establish and strengthen Christian Congregations where opportunities and needs are found, so that these congregations may be units of missions in their places.

f. To assist local churches and Annual conferenceres in missions and in their own communities.

g. To promote interest of hospitals, service institutions, clinics and homes related to or connected with the United Methodist Church in the Philippines.

h. To encourage the local church and its members to enter the field of direct service ministry especially to the poor and needy and to support both institutional and non-institutional on-going projects.

i. To study and organize, with approval of the Coordinating Council, a program for the entire United Methodist Church in the Philippines which shall unify the work of the health and welfare ministries of the Annual Conferences, so that provisions for material assistance and relief may be sent directly to church members who are victims of calamities, turmoil or natural disasters.

j. To designate a Sunday each year as Hospital and Health Sunday in each local church. The Board shall transmit to the bishop of each area at least three months in advance, the date selected so that every local church in the areas can make preparations for the day. There shall be a special collection during the worship service for the work and commitment of the Board which amount shall be remitted to the treasurer of the Central Conference to be credited for the account of the Board.

k. To negotiate with the institutions concerned towards further aid and assistance to ministers, deaconesses and eligible members of their families in the matter of hospitalization and medical attendance.

l. To formulate guidance for ecumenical discussions and cooperation with other churches and religious communities.

m. To encourage churches to participate in reciprocal ecumenical experience, such as joint worship and undertakings.

n. To study means of putting into effect the objectives and purpose of the Board and submit it to the Central Conference or to the Coordinating Council.

Article 8. The Board shall submit to the Council on Finance and Administration a budget of its operation for the quadrennium.

Article 9. The Board shall submit its study and recommendations of the matter of apportionments through the Annual Conferences to the end that the cause of missions to be brought to the entire life of the Church and not to organizations alone and that support for both local and world missiosn be included in apportionments to the local churches in all Annual Conferences.

Article 10. The Board through the bishops concerned may directly appeal to the Annual Conference Council on Finance and Administration and local churches for additional financial help.

Taken from Section V of the Discipline of Central Conference Administration, 2008 Handbook for Delegates, United Methodist Church Philippines Central Conference.

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